Project 1 Photoshop

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Project 2: Matt Wisniewski

“My Home Is The Sea”, 2012, Digital Photographs, 5×8″


“Mineral Minds”, 2012, Digital Photographs, 5×8″

“Miles To Go”, 2012, Digital Photographs, 4×6″

Contemporary artist Matt Wisniewski creates visually dynamic pieces of artwork combining human and natural form. His most gripping images illustrate the association between the human in its environment. Wisniewski’s composite images strike the viewer with his acute sense of balance between urban and environmental portraits.

He cites his inspiration comes from a wide scope of disciplines, ranging from fashion to architecture; mainly, Wisniewski finds inspiration within the accessible aspects of daily life, such as natural landscapes and portraits. “I’m really inspired by any kind of beauty but I’ve mostly focused on things I have access to,” Wisniewski shared in an interview with DesignTonic Magazine2.

With reference to his materials and methods, Wisniewski openly shares that most of the images he manipulates are not his own. He utilizes images from fashion shows, independent portrait and landscape photographers, and a small amount of his own images. He attribute his success in finding these dynamic pieces to Tumblr, a popular blogging website for photographers and graphic artists.

Wisniewski shares that his methods are rather spontaneous; he ‘experiments with quick overlays’2 until a successful combination appears. Complex Magazine contributing author Justin Ray states “[Wisniewski’s] work is a form of synesthesia that blends humanity and wilderness, showing the congruence [between] natural elements we came from.”1 Wisniewski’s utilization of textures from both natural and urban settings only adds to this dichotomy of the human’s biotic and abiotic environment.

Wisniewski has accrued much critical acclaim, especially for a self-taught college student1. He was a featured artist in Time Magazine’s Lightbox, a prestigious photography blog branch of Time. Contributing author Sonia can Gilder Cooke describes his digital collages as ‘dreamscapes’, an intriguing comparison between landscape photography and fantastical elements. Cooke also writes that Wisniewski admits to creating art plainly for the sake of art6. “Whatever looks nice, really,” he said in an interview with her6.

It is apparent that this young talent has a broad field ahead of him in terms of creating more emotionally gripping composites. As a recent college graduate, Wisniewski is on the cusp of serious national notoriety. While criticisms arise regarding his inexperience and his ‘plagiarism of images’, Wisniewski has remained careful to state the origins (whether known or not) of the images he uses for his breathtaking composites. Contemporary artist Matt Wisniewski has proved capable of handling the pressure that accompanies his newfound fame in the realm of digital arts.


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